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This community is dedicated to all fanfic dedicated to the brilliant Ray Toro (and his sexy thighs).


(We hope) All the stories posted here are a work of fiction and therefore, fake.

1. Just like all the other slash comms, it needs an intro. Just copy paste from the box.

2. Stories need to be behind an lj cut.
<*lj-cut text="What you want the cut to say here."*>

Your story goes here.


You have to delete all the * for it to work. Or, you can link to your writing journal, etc
<*a href="Thelinkgoeshere"*>What you want the link to say here.<*/a*>
Again, take out the asterisks.

**Also, since we're going to allow graphics to be posted here, any picture more than 300 x 300 px should be placed under a cut. If you're posting icons, than any more than three will go under the cut.**

3. Everything in the intro must be in default font, colour and size. Also, make that extra effort and use capital letters because we want the readers to think you're smart enough to use periods, commas and proper capitalization.

4. When posting chaptered stories, you must link to previous chapters ON YOUR POST AND BEFORE THE CUT. The point of this is so readers don't have to search for the other chapters.

5. We don't want no drama. If you have a problem with a story, take it to fuckyou_mcr, though concrit I'm sure is appreciated.

6. Check your work, USE A BETA!
Betas are your best fucking friend, okay? Oh, and a good beta doesn't just check grammar, they check for plot inconsistencies, and pretty much it's their job to tell you if they think it sucks so you don't embarrass yourself in a community. There's a really good beta list over at mychemicalslash and I'm sure those people would love to help.

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The Mods:

Sika, mrshcaulfield
AIM - goffer superstud
e-mail - spikehawkinsnme@yahoo.com

Leah, fuckbella
AIM - Needles and rope
e-mail - needlesandrope@aol.com

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